Allison, Slutsky & Kennedy, P.C. is experienced in the representation of unions and employees in the aviation industry, in a variety of matters, including:

  • Railway Labor Act (RLA) representation proceedings.         

  •  Collective bargaining.

  •  Litigation.

  • Grievance arbitrations under the RLA.

  • Bankruptcy proceedings and “Section 1113" proceedings and negotiations under the federal Bankruptcy Code.

In addition, Allison, Slutsky & Kennedy, P.C. is one of a handful of firms with extensive experience in the representation of airline employee groups in the unique issues arising from mergers and other corporate transactions, including:

  • Negotiation of protective transition “fence” arrangements.

  • Negotiation of process agreements.

  • RLA Representation proceedings.

  • Merger of collective bargaining agreements.

  • Seniority list integration negotiations and complex interest arbitrations, subject to the federal McCaskill Bond Act.